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Swipe your free copy of the EXACT Bextle Solutions Income & Expense Tracker to manage profitability and productivity before building strong financial strategies. Say goodbye to messy paperwork and say hello to successful, repeatable, scalable strategies that you can build (without feeling messy, overwhelmed, being attached to your computer 24/7, or drinking 20 cups of coffee!)

The Most Critical Phase of Managing Your Money actually your Income Statement

Think about it: if you have you do not know where you spend your money, where your money is coming from, and no real strategy in place… earning your revenue goal is going to be WAY more stressful than successful. 😅

I believe in being proactive (not reactive), and this Income & Expense Tracker is going to help you line up all the important elements of creating a PROFITABLE financial strategy ahead of time.

Without a strong foundation, the rest of the bookkeeping might need to overcompensate, which is where overwhelm, and exhaustion comes into play.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally unavailable for that these days!

If you’re ready to give your bookkeeping – the foundation of your business – the absolute best jumpstart, this resource is PURE GOLD. 🔥

Whether you’re starting to build your business, wanting to create a financial strategy, or building towards your next revenue goal, this tracker covers everything you need to start.

This is the same Income & Expense Tracker we use at Bextle Solutions!

(aka the same one we share with our 1:1 private clients who pay us $30k+)

Whether you’re starting off with monthly revenue of 0 or 1000, this tracker will show you the EXACT ROADMAP you need for profitability tracking.

Elizabeth Samson

The tracker is amazing! Mimi is very hands-on with helping me set up my tracker. I finally got rid of the pile of receipts on my desk!

Paula Anne Ng

I love how simple this tracker is… I’m not a tech person. I had absolutely no “errors” coming up on my sheet! Thank you Mimi Jane!