Bextle Family Is Perfect You

💸 You are wanting or is already launching a new business, a new product, and/or a new service
💸 You are wanting to learn how to manage your financial revenue
💸 You wanting to learn how to create PROFITABLE strategies for your business
💸 You are wanting some guidance and/or education on financials
💸 You simply love to learn something new!


If You’ve Been Thinking Of Launching Your Business To It’s Full Potential And Wondering How Experts Like Shanda Sumpter, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, etc Does It…

If You’ve Been Thinking Of How To Get Consistent $10,000 Per Month Revenue…

You Won’t Want To Miss This!

I'm Mimi Jane

I have a fire in my heart to elevate the world by teaching women how to live with love and passion. Starting with how to live without worry of money, and letting money serve us. Just like you, I struggled on fulfilling my dreams because money was always an issue. Since I found the “secret sauce”, I have been on a mission to let you know that it is possible! 

Welcome to our community, our classes, and the new you!

How May I Help You?

We provide an extensive array of services but here’s some of the key elements:

1:1 Consultations

Our 1:1 consultations with a Financial Advisor guides you through a customized, proven business-building process, supports you & keeps you accountable for achieving your goals.


We provide business services such as bookkeeping, accounts management, payroll, tax preparation and review, and many more…

Coaching Programs

Our Online Programs educate you on living an abundant life with a step-by-step process and accountability group of coaches, mentors, experts, and champions like you.

Bextle Family Membership

The place where the lady boss connect, learn, and transform.

What’s Included: 


Live Coaching | Motivational Tips | Trainings | and more


Meditations | Devotionals | Mindset Trainings


Strategy Trainings | Mastering Your Money | Workbooks | Planning  | and more

Schedule A Consultation With A Bextle Coach

Whether you’re just launching your business or you’re ready to reach seven figure-or beyond-we can help!

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Getting loving humans to learn how to master their money for FREE… even with little to zero income.